The Museum of Fine Arts Ghent (MSK) wants to be a pioneer in the experience of art as a source of imagination, as a stimulus to critical thinking and as a reflection on the world.

MSK is an ‘Open Museum’ and a lively meeting place where art, beauty and knowledge are shared with everyone and are a source of reflection on the past and the present, while looking ahead at the future.

MSK houses a collection of art from the Middle Ages to today. It has a caring and creative view on its social role as a museum. Thanks to its unique collection, MSK is growing into a leading expertise centre of modern art of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Driven by social commitment, MSK focuses on making art accessible and irresistible to the public. For this reason, MSK is deliberately looking for creative projects and for a versatile interaction between works of art, artists, and the public.

MSK operates in a way that is open and diverse, scientific and surprising, innovative and sustainable, collaborative and unique, with a view to being a museum that is both well-known and well-liked.