oilpainting: 39,5 cm x 32,7 cm

The Study of the Head of a Young Moor by Gaspar de Crayer is a highly detailed study of a head. The earliest known painting in which De Crayer used this head is his 1630 Raising of the Cross, an altarpiece which is now housed in the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Rennes. The Moor is shown as a young servant helping to raise the cross. It is not known whether De Crayer painted the Study of the Head of a Young Moor from life. He may have been inspired for this work by the well-known Study of the Head of a Black Man (KMSKB) by Peter Paul Rubens, to which it shows some striking similarities. The work is probably a depiction of the same model that posed for various artists including Anthony van Dyck and Jacques Jordaens.