cement: 46 cm

Wilhelm Lehmbruck became known as one of the greatest sculptors of the twentieth century. Head of a Girl, turning was made during Lehmbrucks Parisian period (1911-1914).  During these years he evolved from a realistic style towards greater expressivity and inner depth. In the search for a spiritual, sober form Lehmbruck has something in common with the pre-1900 sculpture of Minne.  Lehmbruck knew Minnes work from exhibitions in Germany and admired it greatly. Head of a Girl, turning is remarkable for the duality of form and expression: standing in front of the sculpture or to the right of it, the melancholy expression and classic beauty of the face predominate.  Looking from the left, it is almost as though the face turns in on itself.  It is also from this viewpoint that the transformation and related fluid tension are at the greatest.