oilpainting: 37,4 cm x 35,1 cm

The Flagellation of Christ by Peter Paul Rubens is a carefully elaborated sketch or modello for the painting of the same name in the Dominican church, which is the present St Pauls Church in Antwerp. The large panel dates back to around 1614. It is one of a series of fifteen panels painted by eleven artists including Maerten de Vos, Anthony van Dyck and Jacques Jordaens. The composition of the painting is almost the same as that of the drawing. However, greater breadth was given to the modello. The figures consequently have more space. We are struck by the direct, restless brushwork, the sculptural power of the characters and the balanced composition around the figure of Christ in the centre. Rubens frequently based the poses of his figures on early examples which he had copied during his stay in Italy. The artist himself attached a great deal of importance to his oil sketches and kept them in his possession until his death.