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Our curator Cathérine Verleysen contributed to the exhibition Nervia-Sint-Martens-Latem that opened in autumn 2015 at the Museum of Ixelles. A few works from the MSK collection were also loaned to our counterparts in Brussels for the occasion.

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In northern Belgium there was the Sint-Martens-Latem artists’ colony, where Flemish symbolists and expressionists emerged, including Gustave Van de Woestijne and Constant Permeke. In the south, in Hainaut, there was the Nervia group with the painters Anto Carte and Louis Buisseret. The exhibition explored the independent development of the two groups, explaining their similarities and differences by means of a fascinating dialogue.

Under the joint Flemish and Walloon leadership of Michel de Reymacker (BAM - Mons) and Cathérine Verleysen (MSK - Ghent), the exhibition Nervia-Sint-Martens-Latem brought two great Belgian art movements of the interwar period into dialogue: the Nervia group in Hainaut, founded in 1928 by Léon Eeckman and including artists such as Anto Carte, Louis Buisseret, Léon Navez and Taf Wallet, and the Latem school in Flanders, with names including Valerius De Saedeleer, Gustave Van de Woestijne and Binus Van den Abeele.

Although the two movements developed separately, the exhibition highlighted aspects that the two groups shared as well as places where they parted ways, in order to be able to value the richness and uniqueness of both movements’ productions to the full and gain a better insight into the shared context in which they developed.