Christ shown to the People

James Ensor  Christ shown to the People

Together with Christ's Entry into Jerusalem, this drawing belongs to a series of six works which Ensor gave the title of: 'Visions. The aureoles of Christ or the sensitivities of the light.' Both drawings in the Ghent collection bathe in the same atmosphere. Christ is both ridiculed and ignored. In both drawings, the themes of 'individual and community' and 'triumph and humiliation' feature prominently. In the same context, in 1888, Ensor painted his monumental canvas Christ's Entry into Brussels in 1888 (since 1987 in the J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles). These drawings were the start of what was to become Ensor's trademark theme: the relationship between personal meaningfulness and social responsibility.


H: 151,1 cm
W: 101,1 cm


Aquarel and black crayon on paper