Joseph Francois Ducq - Portrait of Colette Versavel

Joseph Francois Ducq  Portrait of Colette Versavel

In this attractive canvas from 1822, the Bruges painter Joseph Ducq combines a Neoclassicist portrait with a typically Neoclassicist setting. The woman in this picture is Colette Versavel, the 23-year-old wife of Isaac J. de Meyer, aged 36, officer and former army doctor. The couple was high on the social scale. Ducq made both their portraits, which were presumably commissioned on the occasion of their wedding in 1821. In spite of the Antique setting, the underlying message is typical for the bourgeoisie of the 19th century. Mrs De Meyer-Versavel is depicted in a courtyard with lots of decorative elements, giving out on a walled garden that could perhaps be interpreted as a reference to the medieval -enclosed garden-, and is holding a pitcher in her hand. She is represented as the loving, caring wife, entirely in line with the sex stereotype of the day.


H: 145,5 cm
W: 109 cm


Oil on canvas