Frans Snijders - Greyhound catching a young wild Boar

Frans Snijders  Greyhound catching a young wild Boar

At the time when Rubens dominated the Antwerp art scene, Frans Snijders was known as a specialist in hunting scenes, animals and still lifes. The great master himself regularly called in his help to paint parts of his paintings. As Baroque painters, both of them emphasised the action and dynamics in their hunting scenes, but Snijders left the people out of the picture. He concentrated on nature: the hounds, the pursued game, the startled birds and the surrounding vegetation.This canvas is unique in Snijders's oeuvre: in no other painting does the painter achieve this sense of being only a hair's breadth removed from the carnivorous action. The animals are rendered in powerful brushstrokes and with great anatomical precision, and the thorny brambles and thistles in the background are decorative as well as atmospheric. Here, Snijders achieves a perfect equilibrium between light and dark.


H: 102,5 cm
W: 131,5 cm


Oil on canvas


c. 1620