Hendrik Cornelisz van Vliet - Church Interior

Hendrik Cornelisz van Vliet  Church Interior

Architectural pieces were produced in great quantities in 17th-century Holland. One of the most popular sub-genres was the church interior, 'portrayed' from 'life'. They were known as 'perspectives'. The favourite interiors of the artist Hendrick van Vliet were the old and the new church in his native town Delft. Van Vliet's paintings feature a number of recurrent elements: a column with an epitaph or funeral plaque and a newly dug open grave. These elements may indicate that these paintings are meant as more than mere studies of light and spatial structure, and could well have been commemorative pieces, possible ordered in advance. We cannot be sure of their function.


H: 23,3 cm
W: 19,1 cm


Oil on panel