Roelandt Savery - Crab Fishermen

Roelandt Savery  Crab Fishermen

Savery painted this small panel at the court of Rudolf II in Prague. The two small figures of the crab fisherman are dwarfed by the imposing landscape. The real subject seems to be the sheer rock face with its waterfall in the middle and its minutely painted deciduous trees. The sky looks as if a storm is building up. With a touch of bright light here and there, Savery creates a dramatic tension. His elaboration of specific details, which were still often considered 'wondrous' at the time, is typical for landscapes painted at the Prague court. Painters such as Savery did not aim to depict a real location as seen from a particular point of view. He added elements from different studies or sketches, made on his many travels, and combined them into a harmonious and 'lifelike' whole.Another work in the collection of the MSK is the Landscape with Animals.


H: 38,6 cm
W: 33,9 cm


Oil on panel


c. 1608